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We provide professional headshots unique to your needs, goals, and brand. Make a great first impression with our in-studio, your office, or an outdoor headshot session.

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Headshots KZN is a specialist division of ShutterXposures (Pty) Ltd.

A professional headshot is more than just a photo of your face; it’s a representation of your personal brand and a reflection of the confidence and competence you bring to your profession, career, or lifestyle. By investing in a positive headshot experience, you are taking the first step in creating a visual representation of the best version of yourself.

Remember, a great headshot can open doors and leave a lasting impression, so embrace the moment, be confident, and enjoy the experience with us!


The most popular headshots are Business & Corporate, Lifestyle & Social, Artistic & Creative. Specialty headshots include but are not limited to Lawyer Headshots, Law Enforcement Headshots, Author Headshots, Doctor Headshots, Conference Headshots, Realtor Headshots, and Acting Headshots.

Business Headshots

Corporate Headshots

Business headshots are typically used on LinkedIn profiles, business networks, personal brands, company websites, advertising, business cards, and presentations.

These are ideal for executives, sales staff, entrepreneurs, startups, or any business-to-business environment.

Business Headshots

Lifestyle Headshots

Lifestyle & social headshots are used on social media platforms, society websites, personal blogs, and speaker presentations.

These are ideal for any non-business professional like academics, doctors, therapists, physicians, scientists, non-profits, and government officials.

Business Headshots

Creative Headshots

Artistic & creative headshots work well for social media profiles, press releases, profiles, and biographies.

These are ideal for artists, designers, musicians, comedians, creative writers, and actors. The last thing you can be in these photos is boring.


The quick start Package Guideline below is the best place to start. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs if you don’t see what you are looking for.

At the end of your photo session, you’ll be able to view all your headshots and select the ones you’d like to have retouched. Apart from the free pro edits included in your package, you’ll be able to purchase additional Pro Edits at any time.


Flexible as we are, we want to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

High-end retouching includes colour & white balance correcting, exposure and crop, and we also remove stray hairs, acne, blemishes, and bags under the eyes. We enhance the eyes, whiten teeth, balance skin texture and tone, and remove unwanted objects or stains on clothing.

Additional Pro Edits can be purchased at R250 per image. We provide Black & White versions of your edits free of charge.

Photos taken from the knee upwards are included with your studio session. However, select the Full Body Portraits add-on when booking if you need full-body photos. Please note that a completed full-body studio portrait will require the purchase of at least one retouched headshot image at an additional R350/session.

We call on our professional makeup artist for a facial retouch to ensure you look fresh and your best for the headshot session. Yes, guys, you need some too!

Be sure to add this to your package when you book – Ladies R350 and Men R250

We can easily remove the background in your final retouched photos. You can substitute the background of your professional photos with nearly anything that will complement your desired look. After your shoot, background removal can be ordered for R350/each.

Feel free to book up to three loved ones, friends, or co-workers immediately after your session. You’ll receive a 10% discount for booking your sessions together and enjoying a fun photography experience.

Do you need your photos urgently? Typically, your photos are sent to you the next business day. Once you select your photo/s for retouching, they are returned within five business days. For an additional R350, you get your retouched images within 6 hours.

Good to know

We strive to give you professional headshots that meet your personal and business needs.

Shoot Logistics

Our experienced photographers will help you feel relaxed for your shoot. If you have a specific look in mind or company headshot guidelines, we’ll be happy to match them. If a team member is absent for the shoot, they can come to our studio later for a matching headshot.

Photo Selection

Select the photo/s on our in-studio tablet/laptop or online gallery that you would like to have retouched. We do not supply RAW files or Unedited Images.

Turnaround Time

We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time and deliver your retouched headshots within 2-3 business days. Urgent delivery is available on request and at an additional charge.

Image Gallery

We create an exclusive online gallery for viewing, sharing, and downloading your purchased images which remain published for 30 days from your session date. A Mobile App can also be created and linked to your Gallery on request.

Preparation Tips

A successful headshot photoshoot is 50% your preparation and 50% our photography. We offer free advice to help make your session a success.




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Making you look your very best is our privilege.


Headshots KZN is incorporated with ShutterXposures, a professional photography company run by a dynamic father & son team, qualified and experienced to give you high-quality photographic work.

In today’s day and age, everyone has a “photographer” friend or family member with a fancy new camera or smartphone who will throw together a few photos for next to nothing.

Are you getting well-composed and finished works of art that you will be proud to show your friends, colleagues, or clients?

You have one chance to make a great first impression!

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s best to use a professional headshot photographer who is a specialist in the genre?

  • Headshots
  • Portraits
  • Retouching

Why is a professional headshot or portrait so important?

Business headshots and portraits can trump first impressions and help earn your client’s trust. When done right, these images will showcase your commitment to quality and other essential values.

We help companies showcase the people behind their brands by providing professional and inviting headshots and portraits for their websites, social media, and other mediums of communication.

On location or in our studio, we are able to accommodate your individual and team headshot requirements.

Excellent Service

Are you looking for a friendly and reliable photographer?

We offer efficient and cost-effective in-studio or on-location photography services to discerning clients. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on super quick turn-around times, high-quality images, accommodating service, and very competitive rates.

From Our Clients

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our list – swipe through some of their comments.

“What a lovely experience. I’m not usually photogenic, but you brought out my confidence. Thank you, Hein!!!


Toyota Tsusho

“Hein is professional and friendly and went the extra mile to entertain my kids. We had corporate profile pics done, and it is fabulous.


Hollywood Bets

“Thank you, Hein, for an excellent service, The team had a great time during the photoshoot. Professional, reliable and friendly. Looking forward to doing more projects with you.


Blake & Associates

“Thank you, Hein, for the brilliant service! I’m far more comfortable behind a camera than I am in front of it, but you immediately put me at ease with your professionalism and attention to detail. An hour later, and I was already viewing my first batch of photos!


Blake & Associates

“Thank you, Hein, you are most welcome. I’m sure they’ve enjoyed it as well! You’ve made them feel at ease with your professionalism.”


Vitalab KZN

“The first time I felt so comfortable with a photographer. Awesome experience, and Hein knows what they are doing. He even helped me sew a button back that came off my jacket.”


WLF Projects

“Hein is incredibly professional and paid attention to the smallest detail! Exactly what one looks for in a professional photoshoot! Thank you for the beautiful photos, which make me look exactly what I was aiming for: professional but approachable.”


Institute of Competency & Wellness

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